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“I have used Broadview to refinance our home twice in the last 15 years and obtain a 2nd mortgage to enable us to finish the never-ending remodeling process in 2006. The process was always very smooth and professional.” –R. Miletich, Client
“There are a few things I liked about working with Broadview. It was very easy to get a hold of someone and get any answers to questions I had. They were very willing to explain in detail anything I wanted to know. Very easy to work with, very professional and friendly as well. There was a particular person I was dealing with on a regular basis and her name is Monica Moraga. There were many steps and hurtles to jump in order to complete the loan process in which she was super helpful, friendly and took her job very seriously. She was very easy to work with and we felt was really hustling for us and getting things done. It was like working with a company we have done business with many times in the past.” –R. Warda, Client
“I have worked with Tim Harrison. He is a complete professional. His dedication to his customers sets the example for all others. We have now been homeowners for about 8 years. We have searched for over two years. Tim stuck with us the entire time, offered timely advice, kept us informed on loan products, FHA, you name it. A great experience!” – M. Benice, Client
“First of all the integrity and customer responsiveness seemed to be there from the very beginning and remained throughout. The combination of the personal attention and the online ease of doing business was phenomenal. Extraordinary patience. Never felt rushed and all of my questions were answered. Great proactive follow up by all involved and very quick responses to any inquiries.” – F. Bartels, Client


“Tim…I was in the lending business for over 20 years. As a result I know a great lender when I see them…you are awesome! The fact that I never spoke with you, yet was updated regularly was exceptional. Great job! Would love to work with you in the future!” K. Ellistrom
“These people would have never gotten a loan if it hadn’t been for the incredibly hard work of Tim Harrison. Any lender can + wants to do the easy loans. What sets Tim apart from the rest is that he spent more time helping these people get this loan (which was a small one in today’s standards) because he understand and truly wants to make a loan for this kind of home buyer. If more people cared like Tim does we would have a better world. I am so grateful to him and consider him the best lender in the business.” – C. Bolton