Understanding the Mortgage Process

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Every situation and loan is different.  While there may be an extra step or two for some, the process essentially has very specific steps. Each step has several sub-steps, most of which involve verification and confirmation that you qualify for a loan.  At HLC, we are with our clients every step, or sub-step, of the way.

Loan Approval – Once all requests for final information (if any) is satisfied, all loan documentation is confirmed and “signed-off” by the underwriter, your loan documents are ordered.

Loan Documents - After the loan documents have been drawn, they require signature/s and notarizing.  This is typically done at your escrow company. If that is not convenient, The HLC Team can arrange for you to sign them at our office or your home.

Review and Funding - After signing, the loan documents are returned to the funding department to be reviewed and to prepare the loan for funding. Once the loan has funded, it is then recorded with the County Recorder. The verification of the recording confirms that the monies and title have been transferred and that your loan has been completed and is in place.

Once this has been confirmed, the transaction is complete and we help you celebrate your new home!

In Step.  On Time.

To simplify the process, the HLC Team has created a communication process to keep our clients in the loop so that you know the progress of your loan. 

We call our process, In Step. On Time.