Finding the Right Home (at the Right Price)

Have a discussion with your Realtor® about what you want in a home. It helps to have a list of must-have features and some nice-to-haves, so that you know where you can compromise.

Keep on the lookout for things that might raise your monthly payment. Mello Roos taxes or association dues might put you over budget. Your Realtor® can help.

Stay within your budget when writing offers.  It may be better to start by going below or at the seller’s asking price. Your Realtor® can guide you. 

While writing offers and negotiating a purchase price, you may want to ask the seller to pay closing costs or ask them to make certain repairs, depending on the situation. Your Realtor® and loan officer can guide you through these decisions.

To help your process, we can provide you with a pre-qualification letter. This will strengthen your offer by letting the seller know that you are ready and able to purchase the home.