Giving Back

Supporting the local communities in which we live and work is an integral part of sharing for the greater good. The HLC Team at Broadview Mortgage believes that supporting charitable causes in the name of our clients helps to honor our relationships and make them stronger. Each year, we invite our clients and colleagues to share a story with us. The story can be about overcoming adversity, philanthropy, community service or any other effort to support a charitable cause or someone in need.

The stories submitted are reviewed by our Stories of Giving panel. When a story is selected, a donation in the amount of $500 is made by the HLC Teamin honor of the person submitting the nomination. Many times we ask the person who submitted the story to join us in the check presentation to the recipient so that they can be recognized as well. We are inspired by the many efforts and acts of kindness, charity and giving in which our clients and colleagues participate.  Stories of Giving is about Community, Giving Back and Paying Forward.
Want to participate? To submit your story please Click Here or email